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- Nice dogs....only for nice people -

This website is in fact the result between a joint venture between two kennels, Of first avenue and Kilmara kennels.
My first IW was a rescue dog, one that was not wanted anymore by his first owner and did arrive in my practice. His name was HELLAS, he had no kennel name, and was a very sweet boy. He was the one who gave me the ' IW virus' and I probably should be very gratefull he came along....

Hellas was 4.5 year when he came to me and he died one year later, he was affected by leucose, and was only 5.5 years old.
Because I loved the breed for its character, I started to get more informed about them, and I ordered a male IW at Achile and Lydia Seymus ( of the good heath kennels ) . As they did not have puppy's at the moment, I had to wait for a longer time. In that time Lydia and Achille decided not to breed IW anymore . Gary Janssens took over the kennel , and started the kennel Of Kilmara.
That's how Gary and I met .... As I ordered my male at 'of the good heath ' kennel, now I would get my first Of kilmara dog.
On the 16th of April 1992 Ch. Miss Marple of the good heath gave birth to 12 puppy's, all in good condition and health. The father was Ch. Nash from the good heath. As Gary and I became friends, and as a vet myself, I was present at birth.... waiting for my male. The first 10 puppy's where females, and then , at last two males were born.... the first born male was named Quincy of kilmara, he would change my world totally, and I'm afraid not only my world....

In the mean time one of the Belgian breeders, of Dundalk, had a litter just on the moment my Hellas died ( april 1988) . In fact the puppy's where all spoken for, but one wheaten female did not have the owners they wanted here to have. As the IW is a very small world, I heard about this puppy and got her at 12 weeks, in fact Midnight snow of Dundalk ( born May 1988 ) was my first bitch. She was a great bitch with a solid character and a good pedigree. She did well on shows, never won really a show, but had always an excellent as qualification.

She was probably the best bitch I could have to start breeding. She became nearly 10 years old in perfect health....and died from the sequelles of an accident at older age....she just could'nt resist to steel food and by doiing this 'in a hurry from a 9.5 year old bitch ' she broke her leg. Several months later she got an osteosarcome and non union on this place and I had to put her down, in totally healthy spirit of mind..... This is always the hardest part of owning an IW.

The base of my kennel was made, I could not be more lucky with those two. But at that time you do not realise this. It is only after all these years that I realised how lucky I have been.