Just in Time




What should have been for Gary, Sandra and the kids a nice family weekend ended in a total nightmare.

On saturday 15th of March the whole family left for a WE , and I ( Regine ) would look after the dogs in the evening, feed them and play with them and to look if everything was ok. When I came to Gary's home, I found James in the garden, lying down and at first sight he looked as if he was sleeping in the grass...no reaction.  When I came closer to him, I saw there was something terribly wrong, he just didn't reacted normal, he just lifted his head and I saw immediatly there was a big problem. It was almost impossible to get him on his feet, finally I managed to get him in my car and went home asap. At home, in my practice, it was not impossible to get James out of the car, so I tried to do emergency in the car, but after 10 minutes he died in my arms.... At first sight James had pain in his abdomen and his mucosae where white.

This is  of course the biggest nightmare one can imagine, because James was in super condition, heart checked and ok , so we had to do the autopsie, which is done at the University of Ghent.

Before we could answer all our questions we had to wait for the full autopsie report, which took more then two weeks.
At the first autopsy 4 liters of blood was found in James abdomen, and the of course the cause of death was ' anemic shock because of bleeding ' .No bloat and no spleen problems where notified.

This cause of death  is very confronting  because it could only be possible by poisening or by bleeding of one of the veins.

The toxological rapport took the most time to be done ( because we really wanted to exclude everything ) , but we can say now that poisening was NOT the cause of death.

On autopsy was also found that James right side had a big bruise , this was just behind his rib cage.  It is so found that one of his blood vessels started to leak and that he slowly bleeded to death....

We will never know what really happened , did he played to rough with the others and did they had a collision , or did he hit something on the playground....we will never know ...............??????

We are left here with very much pain in our hearts. James was not only the show dog he appeared, he was so much more. The perfect dog at home for Gary, Sandra and the kids . For myself he was the most strong and loving dog, that wathever happened always loved me, even to the point that he always had to jumped and lick me all over.....a dog you only have once in a lifetime....

His life was much too short ....his love for us was uncondiotional. To say it with the words of JeanMarc and Claire who truly learned to know him on our trip to Crufts : He was  Belgian : 'as sweet as our Belgium chocolat and as strong as a Belgium beer'.


Dear James RIP my dearest friend 30/12/10 - 15/3/14

We can not express ourselves how your sudden death has affected us all,
and all we feel is a impossible pain , unbelieve , helplessness, etc….
You where the kind of dog that only Family and very good friends came to know about how you truly where,  a great personality, funny, bossy, sweet and so much more.
You only gave this true love to the ones closest to you and where reserved for the ones you did not know.
Yes you where a great show dog, but you where so much more ! you where the best ever at home on walks and vacation away from the hectic showing (which you only did to please us) as your hart was always with your pack to run and play.
It's hard to understand how we feel, but I'm sure there are many of you that have felt the same at some point about that "special one"
We, Sandra, Jay, Dante, Regine, Robert, Claire, Jean Marc and myself are grateful to have known you and also for the last supper moment we all had in the UK short of a week before you died. You made us smile, You made us proud, You made us having great fun and all of this together with our closest friends (maybe this was just the way it had to be,  and this was your fairwell gift to all us)
The IW World will remember you as James with the smile on his face when he did his last remarkable win and how we showed our special bond for each other for the World to watch.

Just in Time of First Avenue at 12 months rewarded Best Irish Wolfhound Male 2011 in Belgium


On the move in Amsterdam 2011