Quincy of Kilmara




On all those pictures he is two years old. He won at that age the worldshow in Bern ( Switserland) and the Ierde
Special in Hoensbroek ( Holland), and many other shows.




MultiCH. Quincy of Kilmara, born on the 16 th of April 1992. He is bred by Gary Janssens out of CH. Miss Marple from the good heath and CH. Nash from the good heath.
Quincy is bred back to Solstrand Kasper.
Now he is past seven years old. We can say that it is a dog who is very dominant in type and movement. He gives very homogen litters, and there are a lot of Quincy children over the world. Not so many as people think. We ( Gary Janssens and I ) where always careful in breeding with him, and although what people say, he did not breed much but he breeds very good. The result of such a responsable breeding is comming out now, because lots of his children give the best results in the ring. Many BOB and BIS winners he did produce.
He is retiring now, We don't want him to do natural matings anymore. We have some frozen semen, and we hope so that we can use him in the future.

He became:

  • Luxembourg Ch.
  • International Ch.
  • Belgian Ch.
  • Danish Ch.
  • Holloand Ch.
  • WORLD CHAMPION 94 ( Switserland)
  • WORLD CHAMPION 95 ( Belgium )
  • Winner Ierdie Hoensbroek ( Holland)
  • Multiple BIS, BOB.....


As you see on my pedigree I'm line bred to Solstrand Kasper ( Thank you Miss. Dagmar Kennis ) , We had luck in the breeding that he is a combination of good genetical material, and as we know now, after his breeding results, he is dominant in breeding type and movement. 

Quincy died Januari 2001, he had a slip disc hernia. He was totally paralysed and was in pain, so we decided to let him sleep.

 He was nearly nine years old.



sire: Ch. Nash from the good heath
LOSH 648109
Int, lux, holl Champ
Oelmühle Anton 
KREG L 5633604 M01
Solstrand Kasper 
KCSB. 1027 BU
GB Champ
Wistle von der Oelmühle 
KCSB 2252 BV 
Int Champ
Karla from the good heath
LOSH 560881
Ezechiele del Solengo
LOI LD 006710
Ch. Erindale Lady Bruge 
KCREG H 7092102 J05
Ch. Miss Marple from the good heath
LOSH 617691
Int, Belg, Holl, Lux Champ
Solstrand Pieter 
KCREG L 1046606 L 02
Ch. Solstrand Kasper
KCSB 1027 BU
GB Champ
Ritashi Rae of Solstrand 
KCSB 4373 BT
Ch. Kane from the good heath
LOSH 560879 
Ezechiele del Solengo 
LOI LD-006710
Ch. Erindale Lady Bruge 
KCREG H 7092102 J 05
Belg Cham